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A reliable management team

SARCON’s management team members each have more than 15 years’ experience in the industry and are well conversed in the management of all processes and workforce requirements to adhere to all labour related and general working condition laws for safe and sustainable working environments.


Francois Marais

Managing Director

Francois has more that 20 years experience and has the ability to adapt to change. His practical sense, experience and organizational and people skills established SARCON as a company to be reckoned with.



Louis Myburgh

Site Logistic Health and Safety Manager

Louis has extensive experience in the handling and managing of day-to-day logistical and operational needs for the company.


Chris Rautenbach

Technical & Manufacturing Manager

Chris has more than 30 years experience in tool and die-making and has vast experience in various manufacturing disciplines.


Bert Oosthuizen

Project and Marketing Manager

Bert has 15 years experience in project management of Milling, Feed Milling and Grain Logistics Projects.



Blessing Marindzi

Site Supervisor and team leader

Bleassing has vast experience with silo erection.

Frank Tswai

Site Supervisor and team leader

Frank has vast experience with mechanical installation.


Andries Swele

Construction Yard Coordinator

Andries has years of experience in coordination of site activities.



Marietjie Janse van Vuuren


Marietjie has years of experience in road logistics and office management.


Marita Oosthuizen

Specialized Coatings

Marita has architectural and financial administrative experience

A reliable workforce

SARCON’s team of construction personnel will ensure quality craftsmanship to the tee. Every single one of our workforce members are fully qualified in their tasks.



Distinguishing ourselves from the competition

We distinguished ourselves from our competitors as we moved forward, continuously testing new markets.

 In the early- and mid-2000’s we were well positioned in a thriving residential market. In response to the downturn in the economy and subsequent low demand in the residential markets, we redirected our focus to the grain industry, intentionally moving closer to food producing markets. With the experience, skills and equipment already within our company we managed this transition with ease. Our value offering lies in the combination of our expertise in both civil construction and steel fabrication. Currently we are working in various projects all over Africa. Our aim is to provide services in Sub-Saharan and the rest of Africa. SARCON’s ability to take on challenges resulted in us becoming a multi-disciplinary construction company, providing construction services across board and a turnkey solution to the broader grain industry.